WORKS 19/20

I am in the process of cataloging my pictures. This is how my yearbooks came about.
On these pages I show you the images that are very special for me and give you some brief information about them.

Here are my six favorites of the yearbook 2019/2020


I never was a friend of the institution called church. A long-lasting and ever-continuing abuse scandal in the catholic church of Germany should by now make it clear to everyone, that it is not always a good idea to trust the eternal smiling dignitaries.


A german proverb says : Too many cooks spoil the broth


A commissioned work. I did a very unique wall clock out of this for a big fan of the Hamburg football team HSV.

ALL 16

Just because I wanted to do it.


Based on a photography of the historic handshake between Adolf Hitler and Paul von Hindenburg, that finally ends in the catastrophy of the second world war. It shows us again and again that it is imperative to always question who you are working with. And that both on a political but also on a private level.


I love to travel and it feels great to bring back good memories by working them out as a piece of art. Our vacation trips to the small beautiful island of Helgoland come back to my mind again.

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