WORKS 13/14

I am in the process of cataloging my pictures. This is how my yearbooks came about.
On these pages I show you the images that are very special for me and give you some brief information about them.

Here are my six favorites of the yearbook 2013/2014


This is something like a collaboration with my wife and children. I asked them to draw three cornerless objects on a white sheet of paper, added my three objects, worked it out and the 12 OBJECTS were ready.


We are so much more than the sum of our genes but we are nothing without diversity.


My head and my hand. Heand.


I had a lot of fun doing this. Playing with the asymmetry in the symmetry.


Based on a photo I took during my first walk along the River Ribble in Preston. Once again a beautiful travel memory. BTW : I like the title.


It is always a pleasure for me to destroy old well-known classics. I’m sure you all know the original.

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