WORKS 18/19

I am in the process of cataloging my pictures. This is how my yearbooks came about.
On these pages I show you the images that are very special for me and give you some brief information about them.

Here are my six favorites of the yearbook 2018/2019


My favorite number is 3! And 99 is 3 times 33! And this is just because I wanted to do it.


I used this personal adaption of a Venetian carnival mask as cover for my 2019 calendar.


This is not just a grey picture. It consists of a total of 100.479 small knobbles. Yes, I counted them while drawing. Pure meditation.


This is my first painting of my series `… and don’t forget to smile‘.


During our visit at the Harris Museum in Preston my friend Jo introduced me to the beauty that is PAULINE IN THE YELLOW DRESS, by Herbert James Gunn. It is also known as the Mona Lisa of 1944. Here is my version. It is not just an homage to the original painting but also to the city of Preston, the beautiful people from Preston, to the North End and and and….I hope to be back one day.


This is based on a photo I took on my last day of work.

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