Arne Wald

…born 1963, in Hamburg
…grown up as the middle one of three brothers
…my father, technical draftsman (deceased 1972)
…my mother, housewife and mother (deceased 1999)
…happily married since 1997
…proud father of two great children

I made my first artistic steps in the late 1970s as a cartoonist for our school newspaper.

For almost forty years now I have been drawing pictures with marker, fineliner and ballpoint pen.
I work exclusively on the back of Chromolux paper. My works are not lightfast.

Inspired by artists such as M.C. Escher, René Magritte and Nick Blinko, I very quickly found my form of expression and elaboration, that brings me a high degree of satisfaction up to now.

Until 2013 I was actively playing music in various bands. Music is a very important part of my life. Maybe I will come back to it someday.

In 2005 I had an exhibition in the small gallery ART CORNER in Hamburg. There I had the great opportunity to exhibit my largest painting to date.

(50 X 70 cm each part, 200 X 280 cm in total)

My personal contribution to the reunification of Germany, which I worked on for a total of two and a half years, unfortunately still is not up in the Bundestag.

I like to experiment with lines, angles and arrangements. It is always exciting to experience the development, to the finished picture. The coalescence of lines and structures is an inexhaustible inspiration for me. Working on my paintings is a fantastic combination of creativity and meditation.

In 2013, at a concert in London, I had the great pleasure to experience the, until then, completely unknown band EVIL BLIZZARD. Back home, extremely inspired, I created my first Evil Blizzard related picture. I felt the urge to show the band this picture and contacted them. The band members loved the picture and it ended up in the booklet of their first CD. In the following time a great friendship developed between the band members and me, with mutual visits and an unusually creative co-operations. I had the chance to join the band on stage three times. By now having achieved a certain notoriety in the british music scene, this band gathers an incredibly creative, cheerful and interesting group of people around them, some of whom I can now count among my good friends.

I have been living with a diagnosis of PPMS since 2014. Meanwhile, mostly dependent on a wheelchair, I struggle with the accompanying symptoms of this disease. My art helps me a lot. The love and support of my family and friends and the joy of my artistic work gives me strength and inspiration.

Due to my illness, I am a recognized pensioner now and have even more time to pursue my passion. As long as my fingers do what they should I will continue. So, you will continue to hear and see from me in the future.

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